Project Funding

Funding for the N13 Bridgend to County Boundary Route Improvement Project has been provided as follows:
Co-funded by the European Union
An Roinn Lompair - Department of Transport
Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
Co-funded by the European Union
An Roinn Lompair - Department of Transport
Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

Project Summary

The Project is located along a 1.2 km length of the TEN-T Comprehensive Road Network in County Donegal, in the north-west of Ireland and comprises the completing of studies required to facilitate the removal of a significant bottleneck on a cross-border road between Bridgend in Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Derry City in Northern Ireland (NI). The studies involve completing of all planning & preliminary design in order to obtain the statutory & other approvals required to facilitate future construction of the project.

The Project contributes to:

  1. enhancing accessibility to a peripheral area of the European Union (EU);
  2. improving connectivity between the RoI & NI through the link between Letterkenny & Derry City (via Bridgend);
  3. optimising of journey times;
  4. alleviating of traffic congestion & improving of journey time reliability;
  5. improving of road safety;
  6. reducing of negative climate & environmental impacts; and
  7. encouraging a more balanced modal distribution by increasing of modal shift opportunities, through provision of a complete Active Travel Network inter alia.

The Project, as part of a Global Project, produces significant economic, socio-economic, environmental, climatic, safety & health benefits for the inhabitants of County Donegal and the north-west Ireland, by reducing the negative impacts of peripherality through improving of accessibility to the EU.

The project is based on completing of Phases 2 – 4 of Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s (TII’s) Project Management Guidelines, being the main guidance document for developing of National Road projects in Ireland, with TII being responsible for the future development & operation of the National Road Network.

Coordinator Contact Details

Donegal County Council
County House
The Diamond
Co. Donegal
F93 Y622

[Note: all correspondence in relation to this project is to be addressed to the Donegal National Roads Office as indicated on the Contact Tab of this website]

List of Participants

Project Coordinator – Donegal County Council
Engineering & Specialised Consultancy Services Subcontractor – Roughan & O’Donovan-AECOM (ROD-A)